Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cookies need to wear seatbelts

I had a fortune cookie in my purse that got crushed.  Evie found it and requested to eat it, so I obliged.

As she was eating it, she said "Cookie mei you bang an chuan dai jiu puo puo le" (The cookie didn't wear a seat belt so now it's broken).

Duck, Are you Hungry?

Ack, I've been horrible about keeping this blog up to date.  Sorry.  It's just that I often think I'm going to incorporate something cute Evie says into a blog post on mama gaga, but then it never happens, and then it's not documented anywhere!

So, with that said here are a few that I happen to still remember, so I'm documenting them now!

Lately, Evie's been doing a lot of bending down, cocking her head to one side and asking questions, especially to Aaron.  Well, the other day, the nanny took her to the park to feed ducks and just bent down to get on the duck's level, twisted her head to the side and asked "Yaya, ni du zhi hai eh ma?" (Duck, are you still hungry?)